Niko at the park

Wednesday Mom and I had Niko, and it was the first time in a while that we were able to take him to the park. :)  Good thing, too, ’cause he was FULL of energy !

Niko’s not one to smile and look at me when I take a picture, so most shots I get of him are action shots or shots of his back.  Here he was hanging out in this castle structure they have there.


Niko at the door of the castle.







Niko inside the castle.





Hello, out there !












Niko going down the slide attatched to the castle.










Niko likes to ride this wooden alligator like a horse.







Almost as soon as he did, this girl came along whining “IIIIIII want to get oooonnnn!”  So she did.



Niko on the swings.  He’s not quite big enough to ride these kinds of swings the “right” way yet.


At one point this little girl was following Niko around from place to place.  It was cute. ;)




I climbed up on this structure with Niko.  He wanted me to go on things with him a lot that day.  At least it was excersise. X_x



Underneath that structure, Niko runs a “restaraunt”.  Problem is, “eating” all that imaginary food makes me hungry. ;p




Then he likes to get on this hammock-thingy near by and “rest”.


Time to get up !





We were there quite a while.  Niko used to tell us when HE wanted to go home–this time we had to keep asking him. ;)



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