Nina Dobrev talks ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers, Elena as a Vampire

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Nina Dobrev can’t wait to get going on the next cycle of The Vampire Diaries, especially given that Elena is now going to become a vampire.

So, when asked by one source about how she feels about this seminal transformation, the actress is quite forthcoming, offering spoilers during this new interview.

Nina admits that the entire transition into becoming a blood-sucker will show up on the small screen. Dobrev said, “We’re not going to skip over [the whole transition] as we have with others. Becoming a vampire, everything you feel is heightened….”

The star acknowledges that Elena has “high morals” and that she is a protector of others so when these aspects of her personality are heightened, she may suffer some loss in the process.

Nina Drobrev admits that this loss will extend to her relationship with her best friend who is a teen witch. Sadly, while she was someone who was always looking after her before, she will now be at odds with this particular person.

That seems sad for this established friendship but necessary for more drama on this popular TV show that has many fans sinking their collective teeth into the intriguing program known as TVD every week.

So, with that said, are you excited for Nina Dobrev as she looks forward to The Vampire Diaries in its next season when she makes her complete transformation into a vampire? Are you happy this has finally come to pass? Thoughts? Thanks.

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