Nina Dobrev Tells What Being A Vampire Feels Like

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Nina Dobrev has been a vampire for quite some time on The Vampire Diaries but recently she gave up some information on how it feels to be a blood-sucker on TV. Indeed, the in-demand actress told Fanbolt what’s it’s really like to be a fanged one.

Actually, to clarify, Dobrev talks about her new vampire role since she’s been a vampire as Katherine since the beginning of TVD. So, now that Elena is a vampire, too, Nina says she finds the whole deal “kind of sad! I liked being both.”

Nina asserts that before this transformation she was the only person on the show who was both a human and a vampire. She claims, “I had the best of both worlds but now I have no bragging rights. No street cred on set!”

Still, this double vampire on The Vampire Diaries does admit that Katherine is “gonna be pissed” that Elena is now a vampire. The actress also is still in the process of “figuring..out” her description of Elena as a neck biter so apparently she hasn’t found that character’s inner self just yet.

That said, one thing is for sure: Nina Dobrev is definitely sexy in each vampire role on TVD, don’t you think? Or, haven’t you had enough of these comely bloodsuckers to really decide for yourself? Please share your thoughts.

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