Ninja Tattoo, by Dellani Oakes

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Fun dialog and compelling romance combine with fast-paced action in Dellani Oakes’ The Ninja Tattoo. Bad guys and good carry knives, guns and gardening implements, ride motorcycles, and terrorize strangers. Meanwhile a chance encounter at a coffee-shop leads two very likeable characters into a dance of cautious love, delightful and terrifying family encounters, and horrifying fear. It also leads them into bedrooms where the action is just as explicit as in car-chase, knife-fight and more.

Teague has all the battle-skills you’d expect of an army vet. Viva has the lovely allure of a confident woman learning to believe in love. There’s a Florida family of wonderful characters, the small-town charm of a place where everyone knows everyone else, and the terror of mob violence, all skillfully woven together and convincingly told. A fast-flowing story, smooth as a movie, filled with memorable scenes and characters, The Ninja Tattoo is fun just waiting to be filmed.


Disclosure: I won an ecopy of this novel in a blog competition.

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