Nintendo Wii U Release Date for System and New Games Available

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With the Nintendo Wii U release date set for November of this year, many gamers or holiday shoppers will be looking for games to add along with the new system. There’s been several Wii U games announced which will be released in conjunction with the new console. One of the titles already ranks among best sellers on Amazon.

Product DetailsThe Wii U games pre-orders are already taking place online, with a large number of popular titles offered. These range from Super Mario Bros. U, which ranks at #25 currently on Amazon best-selling video games, to Assassin’s Creed 3, a more violent title that older gamers are certain to enjoy. Other new titles announced are ZombiU, Lego City: Undercover, Pikmin 3, and Nintendo Land.

The Nintendo Wii U console release date is already set for November 18th, 2012. That’s when the Super Mario game is set to drop as well, making for a nice addition to the new system. Many other games will be available on that date as well such as Arkham City: Armored Edition and Ninja Gaiden 3. The ZombiU game is actually available November 13th, meaning gamers can study the packaging and any inserts for five full days ahead of the console’s release. Some other titles, such as Rayman Legends, aren’t available until early December or later. Still that should be in time for the big holiday, if shoppers are buying for Christmas or other gifts. There will be a few games that aren’t available until after Christmas, on December 31st, such as Pikmin 3 and the Lego City: Undercover title.

Nintendo is banking on big sales of their new device this coming holiday season. Seeing as the Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 haven’t released any new add-ons or updated consoles, Nintendo could really rule video game sales, depending how reviews go for their brand new system. If reviews are positive, expect great sales to lead to happy holidays for the people at Nintendo.

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