NJ Gov. Chris Christie Defends Rights of Gun Owners

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is coming to the defense of Shawn Moore, a law-abiding gun owner who was recently the subject of an official investigation by the state’s child welfare agency. This investigation and visit by the agency came in response to what Moore believes was his posting of a photo on Facebook of his 10-year-old son holding a rifle. The governor is asking state officials to investigate exactly why a law-abiding gun owner was treated in such an un-American manner.

The police stated that they had received several calls concerning the safety of Moore’s son, which then precipitated a full assault by SWAT team invading his home and aggressively questioning the man. Although no charges were filed, Moore’s treatment is indicative of a society that allows any crazy liberal to make insane charges against their fellow Americans, and the state which actually takes them seriously.

Any reasonable person could have seen the photo online and realized that there was nothing wrong with a boy proudly holding his gun. But in the liberal hysteria caused by their unreasonable fear of guns, anyone who owns one is a potential cold-blooded murderer. And anyone who exposes an innocent child to a gun must be, as liberals believe, completely insane. It is this kind of panic on the part of liberals that is the real danger to Americans, not guns.

But what is truly disturbing is the fact that the police and state officials took these accusations seriously. And even after their preliminary investigation must have turned up the photo, they still believed the man to be so much of a threat that they came armed to the teeth. Then, in their righteous indignation, they “questioned” the poor man for hours; reminiscent of some secret police organization.

And what caused the state of New Jersey to send a SWAT team to a man’s home? A photo of a boy holding a gun. One might have to ask what has happened to America when the police raid the home of a law-abiding gun owner simply for posting a photo? And the answer would be that America is being transformed into the country President Obama promised: a nation where exercising second amendment rights is considered to be suspect.

Chris Christie is correct in calling for an investigation into what prompted such a violation of an American’s God-given rights. But it must go further and punish those who actually performed the actions: those in the police department and state child welfare agency. These people actually took actions that some consider to be highly illegal and possibly treasonous, but no doubt extremely dangerous to the freedom of all in the country.

Guns in the hands of private citizens may be the only thing that has guaranteed freedom in America for more than two centuries. Americans should fear a government that fears their guns, and, in this case, the actions of the government are the actions of those who fear guns. Should Americans begin to fear their own government? Is this the America the American people voted for when they elected Obama? Is Obama’s America one where gun ownership is feared by the government? And will they ultimately decide to take them away?

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