NJ Senator Bob Menendez gets amnesia after sex scandal?

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According to a news report on Wednesday, NJ Senator Bob Menendez was recently back from his own alleged illicit sexual encounter with two women prostitutes in the Dominican Republic when he called for the firing of the Secret Service agents involved in the Cartagena sex scandal.

The Washington Times reports that Menendez was being interviewed by Michael Schneider of NJ Today about the tunnels that could exist between New Jersey and New York, as well as other news topics at the time, which included the Secret Service sex scandal in Cartagena, Columbia.

Schneider asked Sen. Menendez if he was shocked about the advance Secret Service team’s alleged activities with prostitutes in Cartagena, and Menendez said he was and that “If the facts are true, they should all be fired.”

At that time the NJ senator didn’t know that the facts were true, and that eventually eight members of the Secret Service detail would be forced from the Obama advance team detail. What two prostitutes in the Dominican Republic say he did know, however, was that he had told them he would give them $500 each for sex acts during his Easter trip to their country while he was staying at Casa de Campo.

The women say they got the short end of the deal, as he reneged and only paid $100 to each of them, which, as Americans now know was the reason the Secret Service sex scandal came to light as well, since it involved an angry prostitute not getting paid as she was promised. And now Obama battles this new sex scandal too as the election nears.

This in ability by Mendez to remember his April activities during the NJ Today interview appears to be a case of selective amnesia by the U.S. government elected representative of the people. Allegedly fresh from his own questionable sexual activity on foreign soil, Menendez was pointing his finger at the men accused of doing the same thing: “They represent the United States of America,” he said, and thus “They shouldn’t have a job,” after what they did.

NJ Senator Bob Menendez represented the U.S. government too, right? And like some of the Secret Service agents involved in Cartagena, neither he nor some of them were married. So if they should be fired according to his interview, then shouldn’t he too? And doesn’t his “amnesia” about his own activities during the NJ Today interview smack of being hypocritical? What’s good for the agents should be good for a senator, right?

Amnesia in the airport! (1333613400)(Photo Credit: Alex Harries)

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