No black girls on Chad Ochocinco’s dating reality show

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Go to fullsize imageHe use to have a thing for his dancing partner Cheryl Burke but now Chad Ochocinco, a NFL star and recent contestant on Dancing with the stars has an upcoming dating reality show called “The Ultimate Catch”, and according to some of the constestants he is only asking for light-skinned girls.

One of the contestants of the reality show wrote in an email that she was kicked of her skin color. She is from the Caribbean and said after Chad had the contestants do a warm up he pulled out some of the black girls and eliminated them on the spot. She then said she stopped to get a cup of water and then there wer 5 black girls and 1 white girl standing where Chad was. After the Caribbean walked over to them, Chad then eliminated all of the black girls including her. She said Chad was only interested in Latinos and white girls.

Another contestant said when Chad arrived on the set he wasn’t pleased with the womn and he wanted to get rid of all of the black girls and replace them with Caucasian and Hispanic girls.

Also along with the contestants for Chad’s dating show were former VH1’s Real Chance of Love contestants, Rabbit and Cali. Rabbit was eliminated immediately and out of nearly 70 girls the Caribbean said she made it to the top 30 before she was eliminated.

It is quite shocking to hear a black man deny his own kind for companionship. I mean if he doesn’t like his own then he much have a problem with himself. However blacks are portrayed doesn’t apply to them all but that goes for all ethnic groups.

We also know now how many ratings he will get and how long his show will last!

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