No Child Left Behind No Longer in Effect in 26 States

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The No Child Left Behind rules are slowly fading away. With the approval of two more state waivers, there are now 26 states who no longer must answer to the insane testing requirements outlined in Bush’s NCLB. Of course this doesn’t really make education any better since most of the states are moving towards the Common Core which is just as laughable. The only difference is with waivers, states are allowed to show improvement without relying solely on test scores.

File:Classroom.JPGWhile getting rid of NCLB is great, until something better is put in its place the education in this country will continue to fail future generations. More and more states are putting an emphasis on having no students failing but are moving further from stimulating those that are above average. Even without No Child Left Behind educators are leaving their best and brightest out to dry. Even Common Core does nothing to enhance the education of the bright and instead works on bringing up the rear.

No wonder other countries are lapping the U.S. when it comes to education. Congress is too worried about playing politics and less worried about the people they are meant to serve. It seems the goal of politicians is to keep the voting public dumb and hooked to the boob tube instead of wanting to better those who will become future leaders of the country.

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