No Dance Scene in ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′

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There won’t be a dance scene after the credits in Breaking Dawn Part 2 as previously reported. The entire cast supposedly danced to an old Eurythmics tune as a surprise for their director Bill Condon, and it was purportedly the big surprise at the end of the film.

According to a new report from, that’s apparently not the case. Yes, the whole gang danced together, and it might appear at the end once the film goes to DVD format—but it won’t be featured at the end of the big screen version.

This now Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 leaves fans wondering exactly what the big surprise at the end of the film might be. Summit Entertainment has confirmed that the dance number didn’t make the cut, but declined to say what the real surprise is.

Do you think the surprise will feature Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? Might it feature Nikki Reed, Taylor Lautner, or Mackenzie Foy? Or will it perhaps be something unrelated to the characters at all?

Do you think the big surprise coming after the credits roll in Breaking Dawn Part 2 could be the announcement of a sixth film in The Twilight Saga? Will fans learn at the end of this film that Twilight still has a future?

That’s doubtful. Even Kristen Stewart says she’s ready to say goodbye to the franchise. So what do you suppose it will be?

It looks like Twihards will simply have to wait until November 16th to find out what kind of surprise awaits them at the end of this highly anticipated film.

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