No ‘Dancing With the Stars’ for Snooki — Why?

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It’s official. Snooki will not be a contestant for the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars? Why? She was rumored to be holding out for more money. Is that the reason the Jersey Shore star won’t be dancing?

According to Hollywood Life, it seems that the little Guidette “simply isn’t available.” A source says it’s not because of money, and that there is no bad blood between her and DWTS.

“They have finalized this seasons cast, and Snooki will unfortunately not be doing this season of Dancing With the Stars,” the source says.

Is that code for “They wouldn’t give her more than they’re giving the other DWTS contestants?”

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino represented The Jersey Shore fairly well on the last season of Dancing With the Stars. Do you think Snooki would have been as good a representative, or would she simply have added attitude and drama and then gone home by about week 3?

No word has come from the Snooki’s camp regarding her feelings about not being on the show. It will be interesting to learn whether or not the story stays the same.

What do you think? Is DWTS missing out by not casting Snooki, or are viewers simply relieved of the ridiculous and unsightly event?


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