No Lip Syncing for Susan Boyle On The View. Two Performances Taped due to Mishap (Video)

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Susan Boyle, the talented singer who found fame on Britain’s Got Talent, was on this mornings episode of The View to sing “Oh Holy Night”. Many out there wonder if singers lip sync to their music, but Susan Boyle showed her fans that when it comes to her she is true blue. She also showed that even someone that has become a seasoned singer still chokes now and again.

Nov. 22, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - SUSAN BOYLE performing on NBC's ''Today'' Show Toyota Concert Series at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City on 11-23-2010. 2010. .K66968HMc. © Red Carpet Pictures Not even a minute into the song, Boyle developed a frog in her throat, and finally asked to start the song over again. Wait a second? Yes, she actually wanted to start over on live TV. Boyle has a very true talent, but she has to learn to roll with the punches and move on, when something like this happens to her. Maybe it is hard for someone  who hasn’t performed on her level to understand, but at her level she has to realize while she would like things to be perfect, it’s not always going to happen that way.

Susan Boyle is a very lucky singer in that she can carry a tune live, while many performers stumble, or sound horrid, on a live show. Boyle for the most part gives a flawless performance usually, but how she handles herself when she does stumble says a lot about her as a performer. She did try to smile away an early frog, but before long, additional croaks and coughs would get the better of her. TMZ is reporting that the singer will re-tape her performance for the west coast.

Hopefully, she does fine tonight for the Christmas in Rockefeller Tree Lighting Special.

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