No Money for Healthcare, but $1.162 Billion for Pakistan

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Tea Party “deficit hawks” say there’s no money for healthcare. Defund Obamacare! They are willing to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and don’t want to fund the Affordable Care Act, but they aren’t threatening to shut down the government for sending $1.162 billion to Pakistan in 2014. Why the hell not?

Republicans and Teapublicans insist there is no money to fund entitlement programs, no money for the EPA, no money for the Department of Education, no money for anything that Democrats deem important. Ted Cruz says America has but a short time to avoid going “off the fiscal cliff”, apparently because of the Affordable Care Act.

Go back and review all the transcripts and interviews regarding the recent government shutdown and debt ceiling debacle. Was any Republican saying the U.S. needs to cut foreign aide? One Republican’s own website, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, estimates the amount of funding going to Pakistan since 9/11 to be $25 billion. And in the bill Rohrabacher proposed in 2011 to stop sending money to Pakistan (following the Bin Laden raid), the estimated money sent to Pakistan in the previous decade is stated as $18 billion. The bill was introduced and died in committee.

No money for healthcare, but over $50 billion each year is spent on foreign aid. It’s not just Pakistan….it’s Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, etc. President Obama is meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at the White House on Wednesday to discuss their new payment arrangements.

Does it sound like America is in dire financial straits? You wouldn’t loan a friend the same amount of money each year as it costs you to provide healthcare for your family if you didn’t have it to spare, would you? And if you didn’t have enough to cover both, which would you choose to pay?

While the estimated cost of funding the Affordable Care Act is anywhere from $60 billion to over $120 billion per year to implement, here is a breakdown of where the funding comes from. It’s not all on the taxpayer’s dime. But, even if it were all on the taxpayer, the $100 billion a year in corporate welfare (figure from the Cato Institute) plus the $50 billion in welfare to foreign nations is more than the cost of keeping Americans healthy. Which is more important?

So every time you hear a Republican complain about an American on welfare, getting a couple hundred dollars a month in food stamps, remind him or her of the $50 billion of welfare money they authorized to foreign countries that harbor terrorist who want to kill Americans.

And then remind that Republican that he or she too, is an American.

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