No More New Zunes: Microsoft Cancels the Struggling Media Player

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Microsoft first released the Zune player in 2006, and has released several new Zunes since then, but as of now it looks like the Zune is officially dead. When it was released, the Zune was intended to compete with the iPod, but after years of dismal sales, its time is simply up.

A Bloomberg report, based on knowledge from someone familiar with the decision, claims that Microsoft will stop creating new Zunes, and simply sell the old models from here on out, until they effectively become obsolete. Microsoft will continue to support and distribute the Zune software on mobile devices running Windows Phone 7, as well as Xbox 360s. With the last new Zune being the 2009 Zune HD, it won’t take long for the remaining players to fall by the wayside as newer players take technological steps forward.

The Zune was a decent enough device but it lacked a certain something, both in functionality and design, when compared to the iPod. The software wasn’t exactly the greatest thing in the world either. Add to all of that with the fact the expensive stand-alone media players are becoming obsolete as a whole. Sales have been slipping for a long time, so while this announcement wasn’t exactly a surprise, after all the fanfare about the device in 2006, who would have guessed that the last new Zune model would have been made in 2009?

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