No Pencil or Pen – WEWE, Gather Writing Essentials (Very Late)

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When I sit down to write

I write on my computer

I don’t use pencil or pen

Can never find one, keyboards cuter

It’s always sitting there just waiting

For my fingers to tap the keys

I never know what I am going to type

Most of my poems mysteries

Such as this one is and it is late

Because I have been very busy

I’ve been thinking of publishing my poems

My brain is bordering on dizzy

But I have written volumes

In the past seven years

I’ve been reading them over

Lots of smiles, some tears

So forgive my tardiness

I don’t have an idea where

Time has flown off to

But I think I’m going to share

Wish me luck :), love, Elsie


However, the question is this — Do you write in pencilor do you write in pen?

Explain your answer by telling us your reasoning behind your writing choice.  Please do the following, WRITE, and add…

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