No Political ‘Gangs’ in 2012 Elections

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In a CNN interview with Piers Morgan last night, outspoken Jesse Ventura came up with a unique way to help overcome partisan politics for the 2012 election.

“To save our country, we need to abolish political parties,” Ventura said. The Navy veteran, author and political reformer compared blue-state/red-state party lines of the Democrat and Republican parties to thugs and street gangs in his recent book, DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans.

Interviewer Morgan called the street gangs infamous and said Ventura was likening politicians in Washington to thugs.

“Let me explain why they’re worse,” Ventura said, “Street gangs, well, they can be devastating to a certain, small part of the population… The Democrats and the Republicans, they affect everybody in this country.”

He cited out of control debt in an atmosphere of partisan politics where nothing gets done. Neither presidential candidate for the 2012 election has talked about root causes of U.S.A. problems — such as outsourced jobs, corporate welfare and lack of investigation of financial chicanery.

Ventura has a point. Washington insiders show much more interest in getting themselves elected or re-elected than they show towards constituents’ problems. Republicans, especially, have been the party of “No.”

“We have a complete political system based upon bribery,” Ventura said. The recent Supreme Court ruling, Citizens United, cleared the way for corporations to give any amount of money to political candidates, opening the door for worse graft to come.

Ventura suggested that presidential candidates be “required to wear a NASCAR racing suit” to show who owns them. Alternately, political hopefuls should only run on their names — no “D” or “R” attached.

“That way it becomes important that the voters educate themselves,” said Ventura.

It’s a novel suggestion. Maybe it might help. The U.S. political process is rotten with big money. Both parties seem bought and paid for. “Outsiders” are ignored — or worse — just taken over. “Don’t the Republicans and the Democrats do everything they can to incorporate any ‘neighboring street gangs?’ ” Ventura said.

“They’ve ruined our country,” Ventura said on another CNN show. “They’ve been in charge for more than 100 years and look at the shape we’re in…”

A NASCAR-style sponsor suit is not likely to work simply because it requires honesty — not real plentiful inside the Beltway.

But candidates who have to stand on their own merits, rather than their party affilliation…hmmm.

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