Noah Wyle: On Working with Steven Spielberg on ‘Falling Skies’

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Noah Wyle is returning to drama series on television on the upcoming TNT show Falling Skies. He previously worked on the NBC hit medical drama ER which is where he knew Steven Spielberg, his boss on the new series.

Wyle talks about Spielberg

File:Noah Wyle at the 1995 Emmy Awards.jpgApparently, Wyle was very nervous about first meeting Spielberg and describes the experience in the following way: “I couldn’t say a word. My hands were sweaty. Luckily, he kind of ignored me. In fact, he totally ignored me. I still am incredibly intimidated to be around him, to be honest.”

Spielberg was a part of ER in the beginning, and you have to admit, Noah Wyle was very young back then—and certainly looked it, too (just watch the pilot of the medical drama and look at the picture to the right). You can’t blame him for being nervous around Spielberg—anyone would be!

Â…and Falling Skies

The new series is a bit of a change for the actor who says the show “was the most physically demanding work [he’s] ever done in [his] life.” But that didn’t deter him—he “thought it was a good challenge,” as he’s getting older.

That’s not the only reason this is different for Noah Wyle. “I’ve never really done anything remotely near the science-fiction drama, so there’s a learning curve to it. The element of specificity and detail has to be so closely paid attention to. As soon as you unravel that line of plausibility, once you part from this being a true ‘What if?’ scenario, it’s like a house of cards that comes tumbling down.”

Falling Skies follows those who survive after aliens invade Earth and take over. It is different from anything else on television (and the trailer does have more of a television movie or feature film feel rather than a series), but then again, so is The Walking Dead. And viewers quickly took to the AMC drama series which was renewed for a second season, only two episodes into the short first season.

Will you be watching Noah Wyle in Falling Skies on TNT in June?

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