Nobody’s Cat

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Last night I dreamt we took on a new cat, in addition to the two we already have. Our two seemed to accept him, which isn’t realistic at all since both are rather territorial.

For sometime we seemed to forget about him; we didn’t see him, he must have hid somewhere. But then after a few days he made his appearance.

A poor, strange little thing, he was small but he was full grown, his back leg was injured in some way, and nearly hairless. I took him up in my arms. Blinded in his left eye -it was a milky grey, I grew worried when I saw pus in his right eye. I gently took a tissue to wipe his eye clean; he resisted at first, but then let me help him. After awhile we just curled up together, him resting between my arms.

When I woke my arms were curled as if he were still there, and I grew sad for having lost a cat that never was.

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