Nominees for Best Guest Roles 2011 Emmys Announced 7/14

It’s got to be one of the best categories ever for the Emmys: the Guest Actor and Actress categories.

The 2011 Emmy nominees will be announced at 5:35am PT from the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre. Check the Comments section of this article for live updates as they are announced.

Last year’s winners were Neil Patrick Harris for his character “Bryan Ryan” on Glee, as well as Betty White for hosting Saturday Night Live, among others. This year, there were so many great guests as potential nominees, it’s going to be tough to narrow them down.

There’s that ever-present argument swirling around that guest spots water down TV programming, but face it, it’s so much fun to see those familiar faces people love show up on a favorite series. Why not give them Emmys, as well?

For 2011, it would be great to see Matt Damon nominated for his role as Tina Fey’s boyfriend “Carol” on 30 Rock. Or Will Ferrell as “Deangelo Vickers” on The Office. Then again, there’s Matthew Broderick (still love him) on Louie. And what about Alanis Morissette on Weeds? She was a natural, right?

So many great performances! Check back again for the Guest nominees for the 2011 Emmys.

Learn more about the Primetime Emmy nominations. The award show airs September 18th on FOX.

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