Nook Vs. Kindle — My Internal Debate

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Last summer when Amazon and Barnes & Noble finally came out with their e-reader apps for the Android phone I was excited. The Kindle and Nook apps are much better than the other apps that were available before for reading books. And yes I like the paper books, but I also like the thought of having a lot of reading options on me at any given time.

At the time, I decided e-readers on my phone were enough, and woulnd up letting my daughter get an e-reader ahead of me. She did her own research, and picked the Nook. The Nook prices had just dropped and at the time Nooks were less expensive  than Kindles. Shortly afterwards, Kindles dropped in price again, and now are less expensive than Nooks.

During the summer, I discovered I could not read off my phone if there was a lot of sunlight. Also my phone needs to be recharged often whenever I use the Android apps. I still like the apps, but tend to only use them when I know I am going to be able to plug in. It left me once again wanting a reader that would let me sit under a tree and enjoy my book.

But now with the Kindle lower in price did I want that instead? No. When I do manage to be able to afford my own reader– maybe next summer, I am still pining for the Nook. It costs $10 more, but with that I would get in store support and even be able to share some books with my daughter. I also like the thought of an e-reader that is actually connected with a brick and mortar store where I already shop. I considered the Kobo reader too (sold by Borders), but was not a fan of the Kobo app, so it turned me off to the reader, perhaps unfairly, but it’s how it is.

So that’s my choice, even if it’s a while before I’ll get to act on it. In the meantime, I will balance between paper and my phone. Maybe the price will drop again.

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