Norman Reedus Talks ‘The Walking Dead” Spinoff Starring Daryl and Carol

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Norman Reedus has big plans for the future of Daryl and Carol on The Walking Dead—he thinks that Pookie and his pal should get their own spinoff. So let the battle between the Caryl and Dixonne shippers begin!

A lot of fans want to see Daryl Dixon hook up with Michonne, but it sounds like Norman still thinks that Carol and Daryl should get their happy ending. However, Daryl will have to forgive Carol for becoming a coldblooded killer first. Perhaps she should cook up a pot of squirrel stew and make him a zombie ear necklace as a peace offering.

During his recent interview with Men’s Fitness, Norman Reedus talked about the idea of Caryl ditching Georgia for New York. He thinks that the couple should get their own spinoff series all about their life in the big city. The Walking Dead spinoff would be titled Daryl and Carol in Central Park, and the two would be “squatting in the bushes somewhere.” Carol would spend her free time knitting and Daryl would brew moonshine in their new hillbilly haven in the middle of Manhattan. And of course he’d use his trusty crossbow hunt the squirrels of Central Park to near extinction.

Reedus has even been working on a theme song for the spinoff. It starts out with these lovely lyrics: “Carol is sterile and Daryl is feral/They’re a match made in hell.” Maybe Carol should bust creepy Lizzie out of the prison and take her with them.  They could even chain up a walker in the backyard so that their new daughter will have a pet to play with.

Obviously Reedus was joking about his spinoff idea, but it would definitely be interesting to see what Central Park and the rest of New York is like during the zombie apocalypse. So do you like Norman’s spinoff idea, or are you a Dixonne fan who thinks that Daryl needs to forget about Carol by hooking up with Michonne?

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