North Korea: Boston Marathon Bombing Not Us

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North Korea officials have dismissed a bizarre report, linking the Boston bombing suspects back to their nation.

Last week, a website posited that the Communist country may have been involved in the tragedy in Massachusetts, yet Pyongyang is not letting the ridiculous claim go unanswered. In response, the Korean Central News Agency deemed the accusation “false propaganda”, and denied any connections to al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorism.

Truthfully, Kim Jong Un doesn’t want war with the United States or anyone else, for that matter. His bluster about nuclear strikes is just an attempt to gain concessions on foreign aid and doesn’t represent a true threat to the West.

Nevertheless, it was still pretty unfortunate timing that the Boston bombers decided to strike on April 15, which believe it or not is the date Kim Il Sung was born 101 years ago. He was the founder of North Korea and the grandfather of current Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

“When (North Korea) feels necessary to strike the U.S., it would not resort to such heinous terrorism in hiding,” KCNA said.

Obviously, some in Pyongyang think Kim has gone overboard with his recent nuclear threats and are concerned people may actually believe their country had something do with the attack in Massachusetts. Why else would they respond to such an absurd accusation? Some terrorism experts have maintained that there are strong ties between North Korea and al-Qaeda.

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