Norway: Best place to live, but why?

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Norway is the best place to live according to the UN, but what makes it so special? When you think of Norway you think of the land with the midnight sun or long, cold days and nights. So, why then, is Norway the best place to live?

The UN chose Norway as the best place to live – in the world not just Europe – because it has the best quality of life. Norway — with its 81.0 years of life expectancy and average annual income of 58,810 dollars — has now topped the Human Development Index (HDI) for all but two years since 2001. There are other countries which have higher life expectancies and higher incomes, but Norway was well rounded all around which is why the UN made it the best place to live once again.

Norway was followed by Australia, New Zealand, United States and Ireland. It’s rather ironic that Ireland is on the list as most people there do not have jobs as the country is facing its worst financial crisis in history.

Zimbabwe ranked last among the 169 nations on the list, behind Mozambique, Burundi, Niger and Democratic Republic of Congo. In a very stark contrast to the leading countries, life expectancy in Zimbabwe is just 47 years and per capita income 176 dollars. What a huge difference. If you live in Zimbabwe vs. Norway, you cut 34 years off of your life on average.

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