Not a Critter in Sight (Chap. 4)

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Not a Critter in Sight

Jim and Renae decided to play a game that I taught them. It was called Scribble. I was a guest at their home. There is no limit to the number of players. It is so easy and fun to play, and only requires a writing utensil and plain paper. 

This was a new game and everyone I knew was warming up to it. My daughter and I played with this game when we were bored out of our skulls, and didn’t care to play some of our other tired-out games. 

The rules are simple and go like this. You start with one or more pieces of paper, depending on the number of players. If you have two players, you must draw lines to divide up the sheet into equal boxes or squares. Then label half the boxes with your initial and the other half with theirs. 

With one sheet you must take turns scribbling a doodle line in any direction in one of your boxes. One continuous line, no cheating. Then hand the paper over to the other family member or opponent to finish drawing what they see in the doodle you started. This is a very creative process, and works well at a Friendly’s, or other restaurant, while you are waiting for your meal. 

Now Jim had just finished his sketch, excuse me, his doodle. Renae began to do hers. Suddenly, the strange creature that Jim had completed, began to somehow move on the page. 

“Don, did you see that, it moved?” 

“It sure did,” I told him. “I’ve never seen anything like it in all the times we have played the game.” I was shocked. 

“What is that God-awful thing, Jim? Don’t let it get near me.” 

“You drew the thing, what were you thinking about?” 

“This isn’t funny.” Renae backed far away from the table, and almost knocked me over. “You finished making the thing – it’s all your fault.” She was glaring at Jim by now. 

“Stop it right now, we were doing this thing together, it belongs to both of us.” Jim tried to comfort Renae, but she was starting to lose it. I stayed right out of the picture. 

“Are you out of your ever-loving mind. It’s all yours, you can have it. It never did belong to me! It never will belong to me!” 

“Stay here, I will go get a fly swatter.” 

“We don’t even know what the thing is, and you think you can destroy it with a fly swatter? You gotta be kidding. Besides, you aren’t leaving us here with that thing – I am sure it bites or something. Maybe it even sucks your blood.” 

Right about then, I was thinking I should never have shown them this game. But how could I have known such a thing would have been possible. 

“Sorry, guys – I feel somehow responsible.” I told them. 

“Don, how could you have known this would occur?” Renae patted my shoulder. 

“Now listen to you guys, it is a harmless doodle for crying out loud. If we throw water on it, it will probably smear. It is only ink after all.” 

I told Jim he had been watching too much of the “Wizard of Oz.” 

As Renae was leaving the room she looked at Jim, “I have a better idea, I’ll go get a frying pan from the kitchen and hit it with all my might. That thing is now three dimensional and appears to be staring right at me.” 

“But I never really drew eyes on it.” Jim’s own eyes bugged right out. 

“Don’t look now, but I think it must have grown its own eyes. I want out of this room. Hey, where did it go.” 

“Maybe you made it sad and it went away.” 

“Oh, because you finished drawing this hideous thing, now you know what it’s thinking.” Renae headed out to the kitchen. “If you aren’t going to kill this thing, I am.” 

Renae returned with her skillet to the dining room where the game was being played. She looked all around for the critter, but nothing was in sight. It was almost like it got erased or something. There was no sign of the bug-thing anywhere. For that matter, Jim was not around either. Renae asked me if I saw where he went and I shook my head. 

A cold eerie feeling came over Renae. She didn’t feel safe in this room with the creature still at large. Was her vampire gesture true? She didn’t stick around to find out, but went looking for Jim. “There you are.” 

“Sorry dear, I had to use the John. Did you find our little critter?” 

“Stop talking about the thing like he is our pet. I don’t ever want to play this silly game again. I’ll play a game I absolutely hate, before I will ever play this game again.” 

I suddenly got stone cold quiet, after all I brought this game, and now it was backfiring on me. 

“Renae aren’t we getting a bit paranoid here. It is just a little bug for goodness sake.” Jim thought he had all the answers. 

“Yeah right , a bug with twelve legs. A spider doesn’t have as many, and you know how much I hate them.” Jim, look out! It’s on your back.” 

“What is? Get it off! Get it off!” 

“Oh, is my poor Jimmy afraid of a little bug?” It was perfect. Renae was always treated like the wimp in their family, and now here was Jim cowering under the threat of a 2 inch critter. 

“Hit it with something, get it off me, now! Both of you!” 

“I am sure it is harmless, you said so yourself.” Renae stood looking at the pathetic little boy in front of her. She couldn’t bear watching a grown man cry. She ran to the kitchen and grabbed the swatter. 

“I am going to hit it with the flyswatter as you first suggested.” Renae hauled back and struck the creature with all of her might. It had fallen lifeless on the table. 

“Ouch, so were you trying to kill it or me? Anyway, good work honey.” Jim was so happy and relieved to be rid of it; more like elated. 

At this point we all left the room. And as we were going, the critter did a strange thing, it revived and divided itself like a crazy amoeba thing. Then there were two of them.


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