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This week’s writing challenge: write about a revealing photograph.

The day was perfect with the sun shining, just as it should be, and the families gathered in the little Church at the top of the hill. Our troop was the first to arrive. The Church was empty except for the Father of the Bride, my brother, and a few other members of the wedding party.  Richard looked handsome in his tux but then he had always been extremely attractive. As we were putting our coats away and I grabbed my camera he yelled out,

“Hey, someone grab that camera and take a picture.”

“Of who?” I replied. I try to never have my picture taken but he insisted.

I gave in, first of all because he asked and secondly, because of totally unimportant reasons. This as it turns out is the only picture that I have of my brother and I together. That makes it special but it is the elephant in the room that noone dared to bring up all throughout the wedding and reception that comes to mind…..and heart first.












What is this picture hiding? Two years of fighting cancer and slowly knowing your losing. This was a marriage pushed up a half a year so a daughter could walk down the aisle with her Dad and a sister could reconnect. He was squeazing my arm firmly. A silent goodbye from my extraordinary brother.

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