NOT MY TURN TO DIE – “I hope everyone reads this book”

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Review of “Not My Turn to Die: Memoirs of a Broken Childhood in Bosnia” (2008, AMACOM Books, New York) written by Lisa on Goodreads:

I know, even writing that, how achingly unrealistic that is. Still.

This is such an important book. We sit here in our warm homes with our televisions and food that we engorge on beyond our capacities and think that what the media tells us is true. We hear that the Red Cross is there, that the UN is there to help, and we donate a few dollars and sit comfortably in the belief that all will be okay, at least they have the food. At least the UN is there. At least someone is there to ensure that the Geneva Conventions is being upheld – that the war is confined only to places unreachable by civilians.

Are there really any rules in war?

His ability to move on and find the degree of peace he was able to is something I’m still working on, and I haven’t been tormented personally by anyone. It’s amazing.

I hope everyone reads this book or others like it. Reality is awful, but without reality we can never hope to fix what is so very wrong about the world.


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My name is Savo Heleta. Originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, I have lived on three continents in the last decade – Europe, North America, and Africa.I am the author of "Not My Turn to Die: Memoirs of a Broken Childhood in Bosnia" (AM

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