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Summer afternoon – summer afternoon;

to me those have always been the two most beautiful words

in the English language.

: o ) Henry James

Lazy summer days slow drift on by us.  These days off August will fly on by and so will the summer heat and the summer days.  For some it is more than welcome with all the record setting heat and dry conditions that will cause discomfort for the land and people who endure it.

A lazy summer day is perhaps for others welcome, those who are partaking in vacations and gently relaxing since most schools are out for the summer break.

What speed the summer does take on, even if we try to be lazy within it it still has a mind of its own and on and on it will fly by.

“Ah, summer, what power you have to
make us suffer and like it.”

: o ) Russell Baker

Yes summer has that power, we suffer in the heat but love it just the same. We cherish the days at play and the trips made to the beach or the campgrounds.
We enjoy the friendships and time spent alone with nature.
We reminisce with our families about summers past and make new memories for future gatherings and times spent in solitude.
Yes the month of August is here.

Time with the beach, and the fun in the sun will soon depart with the passing days. But what magic has been made, what fun still to be had.
Perhaps the biggest challenge we all have is to take time to enjoy it.  Take time to smell the air after a summer rain.
Make time for your loved ones, your friends and family.
Place all of this data in your memory bank as surely time will give you an opportunity to drift back to these magical moments.
So enjoy, and make time and take time for more memory makers.
As always, love, dream and live with a smile.  A smile to share and a smile to carry with you just in case.  Smiles sent your way. : )
Till next time.
Victor V. Yakin


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