Nova Scotia Baby Offered for Sale Online

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A Nova Scotia baby has been offered for sale online. It sounds like a bad joke, but the ad was really listed on a classifieds site called Kijiji.

Because of the ad offering the Nova Scotia infant for sale, police have launched an investigation. The kicker is that the ad was for somebody elseÂ’s baby. That is pretty scary for the parents of the baby. It would be bad enough for someone to try to sell their own child, but to list somebody elseÂ’s baby is just crazy.

The offending Kijiji post was put on last Friday, and it has since been removed. It listed the 2-month-old from Sydney, Nova Scotia. The child was a boy, and the parents contact information was listed. Upon visiting the household, authorities determined that mother and child were both okay. The little boy was actually seven months old.

The mother was not aware of the ad listing her baby for sale. Police suspect that it may have been a bad joke, but itÂ’s really not funny. It almost seems as if a disgruntled neighbor listed the poor boy. Perhaps the child cries a lot. Still, that doesnÂ’t make the classified advertisement okay.

Nova Scotia Baby Offered for Sale Online

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