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To every thing there is a season and this is true for things such as goods and services. Knowing when these seasons are is a great way to score deals and save money. November may be a bleak month. The old timers around here call it ‘stick season’. Still there are deals to be had for any Frugal Yankee.

It is the beginning of the month, and that means Halloween is over. Now is the time to head out and score all sorts of deals on Halloween goodies for next year. If you are a party animal and perhaps mulling over having a Halloween party next year. Head over to party stores or dollar stores and scoop up decorations, napkins etc.

Don’t forget about candy There will be price of 50 to 75% off. Look for generic stuff, not the orange and black festooned wrappers. Toss it into the freezer for Valentine’s Day or Easter. It will survive quite nicely.

It may be a bit late, but see if your local hardware store or even big box chain is getting rid of this past summer’s grills. If so you can easily save between $100 and $200. While negotiating with the store, ask them to toss in a free cover or maybe some utensils. Never hurts to ask.

November is also one of the most trying times for many employers and employees. It is Health Insurance time. Changing plans, changing coverage and other difficult decisions as enrollment time is fast approaching. Sit back with the family and look at your medical future. Mulling over what may or may not be needed to get done will give insight into the type of coverage needed.

This is also the time for the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan open enrollment period. For older people or anyone who is on Medicare knows, choosing now and choosing smartly, will keep drug costs down.

On a more cheerier topic, November is the month before the holiday season kicks not gear. As such, many manufacturers of food products begin their initial onslaught on chefs of America. This could be a good thing. Start watching the Sunday circulars or coupon web sites for coupons and deals on all sorts of baking supplies. Sugar and flour deals will pop up. There will also be deals on chocolate and butter. These latter two freeze well. So if the budget has the room, consider buying enough to last for some time. Other items that could hit the sale envelop are nuts, evaporated milk, pumpkin, cranberries and the like.

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