Now ’50 Shades of Grey’ Makes Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp Break Up?

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50 Shades of Grey is one powerful book—Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans wanted to spend the day with Christian Grey so badly that she and Kieffer Delp broke up after her reading led to an argument.

Jenelle’s claim that her love of the book upset her man comes just days after Kyle King complained that Maci Bookout has been too engrossed in the erotic novel. Apparently young women are falling so hard for a fictional character that their obsession is putting their relationships in danger of falling apart.

But to be fair, Jenelle and Kieffer do seem to have the dramatic type of relationship that involves a lot of making up and breaking up over every little problem. According to Wetpaint, this is what Jenelle recently wrote on Sulia:

“Last night Kieffer and I got into an arugment. Want to know the details behind what happened? He basically told me all day to lay outside and relax while reading my book ’50 Shades of Grey’. So I did while he cleaned the house. Then a couple hours later I got aggravated at him and we bickered back and forth and he broke up with me.”

Jenelle Evans also claimed that she was going to go back to her abusive ex Gary Head, presumably because he’s more like Christian Grey.

Of course Jenelle and Kieffer Delp eventually made up and got back together for the umpteenth time. It sounds like Jenelle most likely got angry with him because he sarcastically told her to relax and read, implying that she’s lazy. She probably got aggravated while Kieffer was cleaning because it made her feel guilty that he was working while she was daydreaming about Christian. Or maybe she just thought the vacuum cleaner was too noisy or something.

Whatever the case may be, perhaps all the male stars of Teen Mom need to get together and have a 50 Shades book-burning party. Or maybe Jenelle and Kieffer just need to try a little BDSM themselves and work their anger out with whips and nipple clamps.

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