Now One Direction Gets Bashed by The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes

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Does One Direction have The Wanted worried?

Nathan Sykes and his band mates might keep saying that they aren’t worried about Harry Styles and his group, but the guys certainly can’t quit talking about their boy band rivals—aren’t they showing everyone one that they really are worried about 1D by bashing them in interview after interview?

In a recent interview with The People, Nathan made sure to let the world know that he and his band don’t care about 1D fans. Here’s what he said about 1D and Directioners: “They have different fans to us. We don’t want their fans, they’re too young. We laugh and say that their fans are our fans’ younger sisters. We have our own success going on in America and it isn’t just with the music.”

Of course lots of older One Direction fans might take offense to Nathan Sykes’ comments. To make matters worse, Tom Parker recently expressed a similar sentiment about The Wanted’s rivals.

There are probably plenty of girls who love both groups, but Tom and Nathan’s comments might make them feel like they’ve got to pick sides in what is shaping up to be a big boy battle. Both groups are currently working on winning over girls in the States, so of course they’re going to feel competitive.

However, it’s unfortunate that Nathan feels the need to say things like this: “If you look at 1D’s chart position and then look at ours, they’re not really even our rivals.”

It is true that 1D’s “What Makes You Beautiful” is at number 28 on the charts while “Glad You Came” is at number 5, but 1D has found success in other ways, like appearing on the show iCarly. And the guys of The Wanted better watch getting too cocky—Jay McGuiness bragged that he’s slept with more girls in one month in America than he did in a whole year in the U.K. That kind of talk is certainly no way to win women over, but talking about sex seems to be one of the ways that The Wanted is trying to differentiate themselves from 1D—while Harry Styles is taking over Nickelodeon, Jay is talking about how nice American girls’ fake breasts are (at least the guys are honest about their exploits).

Nathan Sykes has also bragged that his group can drink more than the guys of 1D, and he’s hoping that they’ll all get to have a drinking competition in the future.

But getting dangerously drunk probably isn’t the best way for the guys to decide which band is better—maybe they should let music fans make that decision through record sales. And why fight, anyway? There’s plenty of room in the music world for more than one boy band—just look at 90s groups like ‘N Sync, The Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees.

So do you think The Wanted’s trash talk is all in fun, or do they really view One Direction as a threat?

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