Now That's a Performance to Vote For! (A Request for A Little Help From My Gather Friends!) is having a contest called Give Us Your Voice! People were asked to submit a video of them singing a song from The Little Mermaid and starting yesterday the world gets to vote who they like the best.  Now, you can go and check out ALL of the entries on the website and of course, vote for who you like.  But, I’m asking that check out one particular video that I think showcases one talented little girl.

Melanie is my niece and she is a tremendous talent.  She has an amazing voice for a 13 year old and she has the added talents of acting, gymanstics, and dancing.  She loves the theater and besides regularly acting in her local Christian Youth Theater group, she is actually one of the American Girls in the Los Angeles production.  No matter what happens, I’m pretty sure that she will be performing for the rest of her life whether she sticks with the stage or moves to another genre. 

The contest period started yesterday and I have to say I was pretty shocked to see a few of the entrants with tens of thousands of votes!  I’m assuming they must have a lot of My Space friends or something.  I thought I’d help level the playing field, by appealing to my Gather family to take a look at her video and if you think she shows talent, vote for Melanie.  The prize is to see the Little Mermaid in New York and attend the original cast recording.  This is a prize that would mean the world to her.  You can see her video at:

Thanks to all of you who take the time to watch this video and vote.  YOU ALL ROCK!

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