Nude Art Exhibit Allows Only One Stripper at a Time

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What’s new at the New Museum is that a nude art exhibit in New York City has been reprimanded for having too many naked people participating at the same time. In fact, what was to be the biggest splash in perhaps the popular venue’s history will now be relegated to only one stripper at a time.

So why is only a single nude visitor allowed?

Apparently, the Carsten Holler Giant Psycho Tank exhibit—one in which interested parties had been invited to strip and then enter the art to become part of the art—has turned out to be construed as too much like an unlicensed bathhouse. And because of this, all the nude participation must be held back to only one naked body in the tank at any one time—or so says New York health officials.

But apparently, this new ruling on the nude art exhibit is taking away from the art that was meant to be expressed there in the first place. With warm temperatures in the very salty waters, and with soothing swirls made to happen thanks to the artist’s insight, what better way to get the message across than to have at least a few inhabitants in this New Museum performance art?

Apparently, this can’t happen. It is allegedly not a legitimate way to behave in New York, and so now this nude experience is limited. But no worries. You can still go and enjoy if you are so inclined. Just remember: There’s a one stripper at a time limit for this skinny-dipping exhibit now taking place in the Big Apple. Or should we call the nude art happening’s location, the naked city?

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