Nude Bodybuilder Ruben Arzu Attacks, Injures California Couple

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Bodybuilder Ruben Arzu attacked a couple while under the influence of steroids and other drugs. The 300 pound man was nude when he encountered and attacked the unsuspecting couple outside their home in Colton, California.

Strangely, Ruben Arzu was waiting for the pair on their front porch late Saturday night. The wife ran inside to call police. What a shock it must have been to see the 300 pound bodybuilder nude on her porch! When she came outside, Arzu was brutally beating her husband, and she tried to stop him. Unfortunately, he turned on her, and began brutally beating her too.

Although they sustained major injuries, the couple has already been released from Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, which is amazing. Ruben Arzu tried to take off, but neighbors kept him cornered in a nearby backyard. Amazingly, it took four tazers to get him into submission. Right now Arzu is still in the hospital recovering from injuries during his arrest.

When he gets out of the hospital, authorities plan to charge the out of control bodybuilder with attempted homicide and aggravated mayhem. Police believe this assault was a random act of violence. What terrible luck this couple had to arrive home and find this man on their porch. Thank goodness they were not killed by the maniac during the brutal assault. What a horrible way to end a Saturday night. Their lives will likely never be the same after this attack. Hopefully Ruben Arzu’s punishment ends up including some type of substance abuse help because he cannot run around all hopped up on stuff. He is way too dangerous.

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