Nude Photos on Your Facebook Account? Trouble Lurks

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By now, it would appear that there are enough horror stories of unwanted nude images showing up on the Internet that women would be more careful about what they post. Not so, if one can judge from the recent arrest of 23-year-old George Bronk.

Taking a play from the Sarah Palin email hacker, Bronk used the victimsÂ’ own Facebook accounts to look for clues about passwords. Then posing as the victims, he changed the passwords, found the nude or semi-nude photos and posted them to the victimsÂ’ Facebook profiles.

With one female victim, he blackmailed her into giving him even more explicit photos with the threat of exposing the initial photo he found online. According to IT World, “Of the 3,200 accounts he broke into, Bronk found nude or semi-nude photos in 172 of them, prosecutors said.” That’s a shocking 18 plus percent of his victims!

While Bronk is likely to get his just desserts, with IT World noting that “Bronk faces six years in prison on felony hacking, child pornography, and identity theft charges,” can the victims ever repair their identities? Isn’t it clear by now to women that posting nude pictures online is a bad idea?

Moreover, it should be a lesson to those who use easily identifiable password questions that email remains a vulnerable tool in the Internet arsenal. Many of the questions Bronk was able to figure out easily (“What is your father’s middle name?” for example) by searching online.

Said the California Attorney General, “This case highlights the fact that anyone with an email account is vulnerable to identity theft.”

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