Nudists Across America And Canada Attempt To Set Skinny Dipping Record! [Photos]

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I wonder if their was a full moon yesterday. Well if you were in Oregon, or Michigan or any nudist resort you may have seen a lot of full moons, no pun intended.

In Macola Oregon, two hundred fifty people dropped their trousers and jumped in a Marcola pool Saturday, all to make a splash in the Guinness Book of World Records.

But the great people of Oregon weren’t alone. Nudist clubs all over the world hosted events just like this one, hoping to break the world record for the largest skinny dipping event ever.

Well I guess thats different. I wonder how they actually know how many people were skinny dipping at the same time? Or who even comes up with the idea, “Hey let’s see how many people can skinny dip at the same time!!”

I like how put it.

It’s finally here, your chance to get  naked with 14,000 of your closest friends!!

Woohoo….nothing like togetherness!


Skinny Dippers



Are they really “Swimming?” 





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