‘Nugget’ the Kitten Goes Viral (Photo)

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‘Nugget’ the kitten has only a few months to cash in on terminal cuteness and the albino cat is off to a great start as pictures of the impossibly adorable kitty go viral on the web.

Part cute cat wannabe, part polar bear cub, Nugget the kitten has just four photos on the web (how long will that last?) but every one is a stunner showing the unbelievable animal magnetism (literally) this little kitty has in spades.

There’s not much info on the page which started it all, before BuzzFeed got in the act, but how much does one really need to know? Nugget is certainly being well cared for and his human has an eye for colorful photo ops showing off Nugget’s many sides–all incredibly endearing.

Whether with paws spread wide to accept some well-deserved tickling, or perched precariously atop a cat scratching post, with Nugz, like most superstars of the camera, the eyes tell the whole story.

For more pictures of Nugget the kitten, click here.

Totally worth it…

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