Nuggets-Lakers Laptop Controversy?

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Yesterday night, the Lakers lost a very winnable game against the Nuggets on their home court. Many associate this loss with the arrogance of Andrew Bynum or the dominant play of JaVale McGee. But, new reports suggest that the real culprit for the Lakers loss could be a…laptop?

During the final play of Game 5 with just 19.9 seconds left, coach George Karl supposedly used a laptop full of scouting data to gain an ‘advantage.’ After the game, the Lakers were furious with what the Nuggets had done at the critical stretch. Supposedly, the computer belonged to one of the assistant coaches. According to NBA rules and policies, it is illegal to use such devices in-game and fines can be as hefty as $250,000.

Karl attempted to put closure on the issue by stating that “We have all of their end-of-game plays on a laptop,” Karl said. They used this knowledge of the Lakers plays in order to hold off the steaming hot Kobe Bryant, who almost surged his Lakers back from a huge 4th quarter deficit.

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Tim Frank, an NBA spokesman said that technically, the Lakers accusation of the Nuggets was “not against the rules.” Word of whether a $250,000 fine will be assessed is yet to be seen.

Do you think this attempted use of this ‘illegal’ laptop prevented Kobe and the Lakers from a stunning comeback?

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