Number of UFO Sightings Across the US Decreases

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The National UFO Alert Rating System was updated on December 1 with California, Florida, Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Arizona moving to an Unidentified Flying Object Alert 3 level. These states reported the most unidentified flying object sightings during the month of November 2012.

California leads the list with 53 sightings reported in November, down from 83 sightings in October, 69 sightings in September, and 75 in August.

States in the Alert 4 level with 13 or more sightings are Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, and New York.

The rest of the states moved to an Alert 5 level with lower numbers of flying craft activity. Watch states with ten or more sightings are Georgia, Washington, New Jersey, and Indiana.

Even though there seems to be many flying object sightings reported each day, according to the Examiner, the entire country was moved back to the lowest level, an Alert 5.

California has the most reported sightings with 53 cases; Florida, 37; Michigan, 37; Texas, 36; Pennsylvania, 30; Arizona, 25 cases.

Alert 4 level states with 13 or more sightings are Ohio, 22; Missouri, 21; Illinois, 20; North Carolina, 16; Tennessee, 16; Colorado, 15; and New York, 14.

Watch states with ten sightings or more are Georgia, 12; Washington, 12; New Jersey, 11; and Indiana with 10 cases.

But what do these flying crafts reportedly look like? The sphere remains the most reported shape with 168 in November down from 161 in October. There were 117 sightings of flying objects that look like a circle; 100 reported the craft looking like a triangle; 83 sightings said it looked like a fireball; 82 reports were of a star shape; 71 as a disc, 67 reports couldn’t explain what the object looked like; oval shapes, 58; cylinder shaped, 33; boomerang, 32; flash, 29; square or a rectangle, 22; cigar, 18; teardrop, 15; cone, 12; diamond, 12; bullet or a missile, 10; egg shaped, 9; blimp, 8; chevron, 8; Saturn like, 4; and 1 looked like a cross.

Additionally, there were 22 landings, hovering, or takeoffs reported but no alien life forms were seen.

Each day there are numerous reports of flying objects skirting about the skies yet the US was lowered to the lowest Alert level, a 5. Does this mean that aliens are no longer as interested in the planet as they once were or could it mean that less people are reporting their encounters because they’re afraid that they won’t be believed?

Popular television programs like “Chasing UFOs” that follow experts on unidentified flying objects have also been ridiculed during the series. If experts are laughed at who would believe the average person who might have spotted an actual alien craft? Yet, even NASA has spoken about odd flying objects floating around the space station, Mars, and another heading toward the sun.

Maybe the people who are ridiculing others are using that as a shield because they’re afraid that there just might be alien life studying the planet.

Keep those eyes to the skies because something could be flying above.

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