‘Nurse Jackie’ Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: ‘Game On’

In the premiere episode of Season 3 of Nurse Jackie, “Game On,” Jackie’s marriage is on the rocks, her friendship with O’Hara may well be over, and her job is on the line.

Picking back up exactly where Season 2 ended, in the midst of a failed intervention, Jackie in no way admits she has a drug problem.  She turns the situation around on Kevin, works herself into a frenzy of anger and tries to convince Kevin that the pharmacy purchases on the credit card statement are all for household goods:  his razors, the kids eardrops, and there may even be a purchase here or there for herself, but only because she has insomnia and her body is falling apart.  Kevin’s not buying it.

Jackie attempts damage control by seeking out Akalitus before O’Hara can and downplays the intervention by telling Akalitus that Kevin brought O’Hara into a situation blown out of proportion, that it was inappropriate for Kevin to do so, and that Akalitus should take everything O’Hara says with a grain of salt.  O’Hara gets to Akalitus later and tells her she no longer wants to work the same shifts as Jackie.  Akalitus informs O’Hara if that’s the case, then O’Hara will have to change her own shifts.  Akalitus tries to get O’Hara to give her more specifics about what’s going on, but O’Hara isn’t telling.

Akalitus informs all the nurses that since hospitals closing down all around, more nurses are available for work.  Everyone, including Jackie, better be on top of their game.  Zoey is in the midst of an affair with Lenny, but nobody wants to listen, and Dr. Coop, as always, is still his narcissistic self.

Kevin enrolls the youngest daughter in private school and then heads off to the hospital to tell Jackie, but when he shows up asking to see her, Zoey insists he show an ID because Jackie isn’t married.  Jackie and Kevin have it out in the waiting room, but the argument is over when Jackie has an emergency to tend to.

Nurse Jackie’s first episode of Season 3 ends with a twist, of course.  At a ballgame, a lady sitting on the bleachers in front of Jackie is looking for a Percocet she dropped.  Surprisingly, instead of pocketing the Percocet for herself, Jackie actually points out that the pill is on the bleacher step and then informs the woman, “That shit will kill you.”  Is Jackie trying to make a change for the better and attempting to get off drugs or was this just a moment of temporary sanity for her?

Nurse Jackie airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on Showtime.

Photo Source:  David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons

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