Nutty Is The New Normal

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I recently followed a post about psychology here and while the main article was intelligent and well written I’m afraid that as with almost everything written by psychologists that I have read, it was really an exercise is stating the obvious. Fair play to the writer, Gibbs Williams however, he did at least challenge some of the orthodoxies preached by The American National Socialist Workers Party (family division.)

In one of my comments I linked to a story I reported on some months ago, about the latest edition of the American Psychiatric Association (APA)’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) will shortly be released, in this document it seems any type of individualistic behaviour is classed as mental illness. For years government and medical propaganda has been urging us to eat more healthily, now healthy eating is a mental illness, Orthorexia. Yeah, you did read that right, take care to eat healthily and you are insane and in need of medical intervention. eat junk food and you need therapy because you mental disorder is prompting your self – neglect. Read full article Everything You Do Is A Sign That You Are Mad

So if you think you are a mentally well balanced person, chances are you’re completely Dagenham. Now some might think I am showing come sort of cognitive dissonance or something there, what had a working class east London suburb to do with this post.

I’ll help you out. There’s a scale of slang terms for insanity, over here it starts at a bit divvy and progresses through crackers, nuts, loop the loop, dolally, and bonkers until you get to utterly barking. So where does Dagenham fit in? Well if yo look at the schematic map of the London Underground system, on the District Line (green) heading east from central London you will notice that Dagenham is two stops further on than Barking. If you know what I mean.

I’m not the only one who thinks the psychoanalysis business has gone too far in its pursuit of your money (they’ll never get a penny of mine). John Rapoport hass an interesting article up on his blog about how the definitions of mental illness are expanding.

Mental illness is the new normal

by Jon Rappoport

February 14, 2014



The strategy is as old as the hills.

Show people an extreme example of something, and thereby convince them to accept a compromise.

In this case, parade before the public—along with assured pronouncements from “mental health experts”—images of James Holmes, Aaron Alexis, Adam Lanza, etc.—and say:

“Look, these are people who committed unspeakable crimes because they were suffering from mental disorders, and we must do something about it…in fact, at least half of all Americans have some sort of mental disorder…”

It’s a nudge, a coax, a veiled threat, an invocation of fear.

“Gee, maybe I have a mental disorder and I don’t even know it.”

It softens up the population …

Read all Mental Illness Is The New Normal by John Rapoport.


BTW if you don’t like the material I have linked to (you know who you are) don’t bother telling me because I couldn’t give a flying Fukuisaurus. Get in touch with John Rapoport and tell him how he should have written his article. I’m sure he will not give a flying one either.


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