NY Governor David Paterson Tees Off on “SNL” Portrayal of Him (Video)

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David Paterson — who doesn’t really need to care anymore — made his much-ballyhooed appearance on Saturday Night Live last night, alongside Fred Armisen imitating the New York governor, and probably got off the evening’s best line.

The outgoing governor remarked, “You know, working in Albany is a lot like watching Saturday Night Live. There’s a lot of characters, it’s funny for about ten minutes, and then you just want it to go away.”

Armisen’s impression has frequently been criticized for being offensive to the blind and otherwise visually challenged. It’s been just as frequently criticized for not actually being that funny.

Paterson, who took over the governor’s chair in the wake of the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal, has decided not to run for re-election after no small number of gaffes of his own.

SNL host Amy Poehler, back in the “Weekend Update” chair, took time to apologize to Paterson for the Armisen routine.

“You should be sorry,” Paterson retorted. “You have poked so much fun at me for being blind that I forgot I was black.”


(Photo: NBC.)

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