‘NY Med’ Premiere Episode Recap: Magical World of Oz

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On this premiere episode of NY Med, famous TV show host and heart surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Oz and a talented team of doctors and nurses take on medical cases at New York Presbyterian Medical Center. This show is not for the faint of heart, but it does include many interesting and inspiring stories of hope and new beginnings. Get ready for a trip to Oz, reality style!

First up is a patient that comes in with a 12-hour erection that won’t stop. He had one of those possible side effects from the drug Cialis that you hear about in commercials. They have to go in with a needle to drain some blood. Ouch!

Dr. Oz shows up and he is like a celebrity there for the patients and their families, but really he is just one of the talented staff there that everyone loves. He goes in to meet with a fellow who has had a mitral valve dysfunction. It needs to be fixed quickly. The patient, Jack Abramson, gives the power of attorney to his ex-wife. It seems that they are still very good friends. He has no other family besides his elderly mother. He came in by himself so Dr. Oz calls his ex to explain the situation and she agrees to be there for him after the surgery. Dr. Oz explains to the camera that if someone doesn’t have a reason for their heart to continue beating, it won’t. That is why he does everything he can to have someone to there for his patients.

The team of doctors go in to repair the floppy mitral valve. Jack’s ex-wife is waiting along with his mother to hear some good news. The surgery is a success! Afterwards, the ex asked Dr. Oz when Jack can have sex. They get a good laugh out of that topic. Obviously the couple still has a lot of love for each other, and maybe more.

Another patient comes in complaining of chest pain. It turns out that he is going to jail the next day. The ER nurse said that happens quite a bit in this kind of case. The patient becomes a bit agitated so they called in security to deal with him. They talk for a few minutes, then he gets a little dinner and pampering before he leaves.

Cornelius Bretz is having major surgery on his liver to remove a mass. He said that he has never had surgery before and now his life is on the line. He gets a bit emotional before he goes in. The news is not good after they go in and find more cancer in his liver. Dr. Tomoaki Kato decides not to go any further with the surgery. He has to come out and break the news to his wife and family that he most likely will only have about six months to live. It’s a sad case. However, he is told that he should live every minute to the fullest and do what he wants to do. He says that he was planning a dream trip to Ireland. Hopefully, he was able to do just that. No one knows how long they have on this earth, so this is an inspiring story that every moment should not be taken for granted.

Rhonda Fernandes had a seizure, which turned out to be a brain tumor. She is a mom to two young kids so she will put up a fight. The doctors meet with her to discuss options and what will happen during surgery. She will be awake so they can make sure she has function and feeling after the surgery. They work their magic and the good part is that they find out that this is not an aggressive tumor. However, they are a little concerned about whether she will get her mobility back. After testing her speech and mobility, she is doing well and should be completely back to normal soon.

A couple of other cases include a 44-year-old male that comes in with lots of pain in his back. He admits to using drugs so the doctor thinks that the two are connected and that he might have an infection in his spine. Marina, the ER nurse, talks to him a little bit about his drug use and he admits to having problems in his past. Another guy, who is engaged to be married, comes in with a red rash all over his body. He says that he went to Vegas with 14 guys and was around strippers. Enough said! What happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas.

What did you think of this show? It was a surprise that it was actually as good as the previews showed. It looks like this may be another successful venture for the good Dr. Oz. However, he is not the only wizard that works the magic on NY Med. Stay tuned for more reality drama and inspirations every Tuesday at 10pm on ABC.

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