‘NY Med’ Recap: It’s a Heart Thing

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This week on NY Med, crazy things are happening in New York City at New York Presbyterian Hospital. ER nurse Katie Duke along with nurse Diana Costine have to both deal with some rather unusual and emotional cases in the ER.

Valeria Simone is not only pretty but she is funny, too. She is an illegal immigrant that has made a great life for herself as a top trauma surgeon. She is a gal that loves heels and jewelry, but also loves the exhilaration of the OR. A patient is brought in that has a diet of nuts, bolts, screws and paper clips. Dr. Simone took him into surgery and removed them from his stomach. The team was all amazed by his unusual eating habits, but he will be fine.

Pediatric heart surgeon Jan Quaegebeur is the best in his field. He takes on the case of a beautiful 4-year-old girl, Petra Gammon, who has a tumor on her heart. Her parents are emotional as they give her lots of love before her surgery. The doctor and his team take out the tumor the size of a golf ball. It was a success! The parents are happy to have their precious little girl back to having a healthy life.

In the ER, nurses Diana Costine and Katie Duke takes care of a patient who is in cardiac arrest and it looks like he won’t survive. However, they both work together to get a pulse and pull him back to life. Later, they got to meet him and his family personally. It was a very emotional moment, especially for Diana. She talks about her boyfriend Mike, who hasn’t proposed yet, even though they have been dating a while. They are shown taking a vacation to the beach and talking marriage and kids. However, things take a turn for the worse later on as Mike tells her that he wants out of their relationship. It is heartbreaking for her, but she is still looking for that one guy that will understand her job and the schedule she keeps.

Leonard Girardi is a surgeon that talks about taking what he does seriously. He thinks that the residents nowadays should be made to work 120 hours like he did when he was in training. He takes on a patient named Diane Ramos who is a new mom that had discovered a tear in her aorta during her pregnancy. She is scared and gets emotional before she goes in for surgery but Dr. Girardi gives her some assuring words before they take her in. During the procedure, he has to collapse one of her lungs to get in to do his job but everything goes as planned and the new baby has his mom back in better health.

Many miraculous things are happening on this show. Catch an all-new episode of NY Med next Tuesday at 10pm on ABC.

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