‘NY Med’ Recap: It’s Not Always a Love Fest

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This week on NY Med, the cameras once again go in to New York Presbyterian Hospital to see what goes on in the ER. There are many heartwarming stories, but also some scary and sad moments.

ER nurses Katie, Marina and Diana take on some nasty patients. One is a screaming woman about drives them crazy. Katie says they get a lot of drug users, psychotics and people who are just teed off. “It’s not always a lovefest,” she says.

Dr. Anthony Watkins is a surgeon in training who everyone seems to love. Jean Edmond is helping to train him and says that he sees so much potential in him. Dr. Edmond consults with a gallbladder cancer patient Mike, who is about to have surgery. He and his family are hopeful that everything goes well. The team of doctors get the tumor out and told his family that it was successful.

Dr. Joshua Sonett is a lung transplant surgeon who is treating a patient with cystic fibrosis. 26-year-old Lyndsey McLaughlin needs a lung transplant and will die of she doesn’t get one. After waiting with some fear and anticipation, she finally gets the phone call that she needs to be at the hospital right sway for a potential match. As she is getting prepped, Dr. Yang makes sure that the set of lungs are a good match for Lyndsey. He makes the call that it is a go. They work quickly to get it transported. The team works feverishly to take the old worn out lung out and put the working lung in. On a side note, Dr. Sonett did a lung surgery on Bill Clinton back in 2005, so it looks like he is quite a talented and trusted physician to do the job. It was amazing to watch these doctors at work.

Virginia shows up to the ER after drinking quite a bit of alcohol. It turns out that she is a patient that they have been treating for about 20 years. She is usually quite a mess when she comes in. Later, she returns to the ER in cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, she passed away this time. It was a sad moment, especially for Diana who cared for Virginia quite a bit. The whole staff came to say goodbye and a few wiped their eyes as they remembered her fondly.

After chatting with a patient and his wife who have been married for 65 years, Marina gets thinking about her current relationship with her boyfriend Steve. She is torn between him and her ex-boyfriend who she admits to still be in love with. In the end, she made the decision to get back with her ex.

Lyndsey is doing great with her new lungs and even got to go out surfing on the ocean waves. It is stories like this that make watching NY Med worthwhile.

On next week’s episode, why is Dr. Oz dancing in the hospital hallways?

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