‘NY Med’ Recap: Part One of Season Finale

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This week on NY Med, resident Debbie Yi stitches up a patient’s hand and then he breaks into a song. There’s nothing like being serenaded in the ER. Dr. Oz is on the prowl again looking at what everyone is eating. It looks like he finds way too much sugar consumption among the staff. He calls it suicide eating.

Grace is a patient of Dr. Oz who needs a heart valve replacement. Her husband is anxious about the whole procedure as can be expected. She comes through the surgery with flying colors and Dr. Oz tells her later that the couple can have all the sex they want. Later in the hallway, he meets a feisty 89-year-old patient who says that her secret for staying young is dancing. She illustrates this by showing the good doctor how good her dance moves really are.

Emile Bacha, a pediatric heart surgeon, takes on a difficult case involving an unborn baby that has a hole in his little heart. Not only that, but his heart is in the wrong place. The Schmidts already have a 2-year-old little girl that is perfectly healthy. This complicated surgery has the parents fearful for their baby boy’s life. Once the baby was delivered, he was whisked off to get prepared for the fight of his little life. Dr. Bacha used his talents as a surgeon to repair and reposition the heart. It went very well. The Schmidts were able to take their baby home three weeks later.

Sebastion Schubl is a trauma surgeon who cares for a patient named Aldred who has stomach cancer. During surgery, he got in and found more cancer growing along the stomach. Dr. Schubl is emotional as he has to tell her and her family that they couldn’t get it all. Aldred was more than understanding as she stroked the doctor’s head as to say it is okay. That has got to be disheartening for doctors to know they did all they could but it wasn’t enough. He also works on a patient who is brought into the ER but he doesn’t make it. He said the hardest part of his job is having to inform the family of their passing.

Dr. Yi is dating another doctor who works in pediatrics. She always said that she would never date another doctor, but here she is dating another doctor. They talk about how many kids they want. Maybe two, but if Dr. Yi has her way, she would have a houseful. She later takes care of a girl who has had an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured. They found quite a bit of blood in her stomach which could have killed her eventually.

A car accident patient is brought in with a really messed up arm after she was thrown out of the vehicle. Dr. Jason Spector takes a look and decides that they will need to do a nerve graph to find ends of nerves and reconnect them. It is a tedious job but they get it done and she gets her finger sensation back.

Dr. Yi has some happy news to share. She is engaged! She shows the gorgeous ring and is thrilled about starting this new chapter in her life…even if her fiancé is another doctor.

This show needs to come back for a second season. It is enduring, heartwarming and will make you cry every time. Viewers have gotten to know the doctors and nurses that save people’s lives on a daily basis. The second part of the season finale of NY Med is on tonight, so don’t miss it.

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