“NY Med’ Recap: Prevention and Sacrifice

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This week on NY Med, an emotionally packed episode that will get many viewers wondering what they would do in these situations. It also focuses on the importance of getting routine mammograms for women.

Andree Brown is in her forties and a single mom who finds out through a mammogram that she has breast cancer and will need a mastectomy. Andree is concerned that she will lose her job and her health insurance if her employer finds out about her cancer diagnosis. She decides to keep it quiet.

However, Andree finds out that even though they caught the cancer early and the cancer seems to be gone, she will still need to undergo chemotherapy. Her son doesn’t even know all that she is going through as he is out of the country. This is a story of important decisions to make and the struggles that a breast cancer patient faces when her world comes crashing down.

Another inspiring story comes from two brothers that go through a living donor liver transplant. Cristobal Monteverde was born with a disease called biliary atresia. He now needs a liver transplant to save his life. Dr. Arundi Mahendran and Dr. Anthony Watkins are working on their case together. His 20-year-old brother Diego is willing to be a living donor to save his younger brother. This is a high-risk surgery but Dr. Tomoaki Kato does the surgery and everything goes very well for both guys.

Not everything is so serious on the show. Arundi tries to give Anthony some marital advice and Ben van Boxtel has to prove to a patient that he is truly a bona fide doctor.

The drama mixed in with a little bit of humor is what draws viewers into the exciting and inspiring world of NY Med.

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