‘NY Med’ Recap: The Best Job in the World!

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This week on NY Med, the doctors at New York Presbyterian Hospital are on hand to save people’s lives that are brought in. Even though Dr. Oz is not featured on this episode, there is not a shortage of talented staff that know their stuff.

One such physician is Dr. Sebastian Schubl, chief surgery resident who works in trauma. A stabbing victim comes in with no pulse but the good doctor, with his team, finally get a pulse and took him immediately into surgery. They repaired the damage and saved his life. That was just the first excitement of the day.

Diana Costine is an ER nurse who puts up with quite a bit. She takes on a difficult patient who she can’t seem to please. Also, a 92-year-old lady is brought in with chest pains. She is also a feisty one. Her daughter says that she won’t stay in the hospital, but they find fluid in her lungs which indicates pneumonia. Dr. Ben van Boxtel convinces her to stay after sweet talking to her.

Dr. Michael Kluger is a transplant doctor. He is helping a patient, Jon Kufeldt, find a new liver. His daughter is getting married and he wants to walk her down the aisle. Him and his wife are waiting anxiously for the call. They finally find a donor and the call is made for Jon to head to the hospital right away as the surgeons head out to grab the liver a short distance away. It’s an emotional time for the family as they hug and give him encouragement before the surgery. As he in the operating room waiting for the donor liver, the family is out waiting anxiously in the family lounge.

A 25-year-old girl is brought in with a mysterious pain after working out. The doctors need to do a camera through her belly button to see what they can find. They think it might be a cyst and want to make sure there isn’t any cancer. They find a mass in her colon and it looks like the preliminary report says that it is not malignant. Dr. Sebastian says that this is the best job in the world. Everyone should have a doctor like this!

The transplant team is waiting on reports that the donor liver is cancer free. After a few moments of anticipation, they get the go ahead. The surgery went great and the family is grateful. The doctor says that the liver was a perfect fit. That is always good to hear.

Dr. Schubl explains about his black hat that he is wearing. It is kind of a tribute to his losses back in New Orleans where he started his residency. After Hurricane Katrina came through, the hospital closed and he had to find another place to relocate. He also saw his marriage break up after that. He heads back to his old stomping grounds for a visit with friends and family. He goes by Charity Hospital that is now closed and he visits the house where he says he spent the best years of his marriage in. He remembers the happy times he had there.

The show ends with Jon Kufeldt leaving the hospital and eventually walking his daughter down the aisle to her new husband. He also had that special father-daughter moment dancing with her that he might not have had if it weren’t for the awesome team of doctors that saved his life.

This is a great show! If you haven’t already, be sure to catch many more episodes of NY Med Tuesdays on ABC.

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