NY Pet Stores Put A Halt To Drunk Puppy-Buying

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Pet stores in New York’s West Village are putting a halt to drunk puppy-buying. The location of Le Petite Puppy is close to all sorts of bars and clubs in the area, and owner Fernanda Moritz has had enough.

“I feel like they always come in drunk. They come from (happy hour) and say ‘let’s stop by to see the puppies,'” Moritz said. If she senses a person is intoxicated, she won’t allow them to even hold a puppy.

Meanwhile, if Citipup manager Leandro Jacoby tells drunk customers to come back ‘tomorrow’ (and preferably not after happy hour.)

It’s definitely a wise decision. Though it might end up costing the pet store a few sales, in the end, Moritz and Jacoby can be sure the person is not getting a puppy on a whim, that they are clear-minded enough to make an honest decision to bring a puppy into their home. Of course, this is also a much better situation for the puppy, who needs a good home and good people to live with.

Sometimes, customers, when drunk puppy-buying, will then want to return the pet the very next day. This becomes even more of a problem during holidays and parades, “most notably on St. Patrick’s Day and Gay Pride events,” according to Jacoby.

Though Moritz and Jacoby might end up with a few unhappy customers in the end, they both feel better knowing that they are making a pet sale to a person who truly wants and is ready to care for an animal. Good for them for trying to put an end to drunk puppy-buying.

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