NY Times Claims Americans WANT this Amnesty

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I was so angry when I went online, as I do EVERY morning to read the NY Times, and the first Top Story:

“Immigration Bill Provisions Gain Wide Support in Poll”

 This is the address to read the article, but I am not sure if you can access it without being a customer or signed up for their free daily e-mails:



For those who cannot access it, the NY Times claims that their poll shows there is broad support among Americans – Both Republican and Democrat, for the most prominant provisions in this bill.

They claim their poll shows  a  majority of Americans want to change the immigration laws, so illegals can stay and obtain legal status, and that we are in favor of the increased guest worker program. 

This poll was a NY Times – CBS News poll, and their claim that this bill is gaining “Wide Support” comes from the fact that from the 18th to the 23rd of May, they conducted a “nationwide poll” of  1,125 adults.  In a country of MILLIONS, they are claiming that interviewing on the telephone, 1125 represent  large support?  How did they choose the people they surveyed?

Virtually every poll I have taken or seen the results to on this topic, have shown that the American People DO NOT want this “amnesty”, nor do they want an increase in the number of low skilled workers.  Washington is NOT listening to the people, they are listening to big business and now the NY Times and CBS are going to assist them in promoting their lies.

If you have not taken the time to contact your Senator, do it NOW.  If you have the chance to sign a petition, please do. 

I am not sure if this will be removed by Gather, because I have supplied more info, such as the web address of the original article, or that I posted the articles title, and they have been removing a lot for “copyright infringement” lately, but I wanted to get it here anyway.


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